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Precision Stone Design no-charge estimate is intended to give you an understanding of the approximate cost of countertops for your project. The estimate includes the measurement visit, countertop materials, custom fabrication, installation visit, shipping and even tax. Once you review the rough estimate and consult with a Precision Stone Designs associate, you will be able to choose the right material for your lifestyle, design and budget considerations. Moving forward, we will work with our fabricators and generate a firm quote for you which will include detailed project costs. The actual pricing for your countertop project can vary depending on factors such as multiple sink cut-outs, sink type, range type, backsplash, drain board, raised bar, curved tops, seam placement, color selection and verification of dimensions. Please allow 1-2 business days to receive your estimate via email.

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Project Details

Total Area (sq ft):*
Length of finished edge (linear ft):*
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NOTE: Please note that this estimate will be valid for 30 days or until stocks last. Final invoice will be based on field measurements.

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Option 2:
Download and fill out the ESTIMATE WORKSHEET. Include your cabinetry or architectural plans. We have provided grid paper for those who do not have plans.

Create your plans: (skip this step if you already have your plans)

  • 1. Draw the shape of your countertop space.
  • 2. Notate the width and length in inches along the lines.
  • 3. Indicate the location of any required cut-outs (i.e. sinks and ranges).
  • 4. Notate areas where you would like a backsplash by writing the letter ‘B’ along that length of the countertop.
  • 5. Notate finished/exposed edges by writing the letter ‘X’ along that length of countertop. Islands are assumed to have four finished edges, unless indicated otherwise.

Please submit this estimate worksheet with your plans using the following methods: