Onyx Product DescriptionType of Material: Sintered Compact SurfaceStock Finishes: Polished, Textured, Sil.. Product #: POR_NL-Onyx In Stock


Product Description
Type of Material: Sintered Compact Surface
Stock Finishes: Polished, Textured, Silk
Stock Sizes: Slabs - 12mm, Slabs - 6mm+, 30x30x6mm+ (Nominal) Tile

Product Information
NEOLITH is a high performance, large format, compact surface. A product with superior physical and mechanical properties that meet and exceed every industry specification or standard.

Applications & Uses
Exterior Cladding, Exterior Pavers, Interior Flooring, Interior Walls, Kitchen Counters, Other Counters

Additional Notes
Neolith offers a wide variety of size, thickness and finish for its many colors in both slab and tile formats. Not every color is available in every size, thickness or finish for a particular format. When it comes to applications for different finishes, please note that Polished has a slightly more limited set of applications.

Care & Maintenance
Neolith surfaces are extremely resistant to scratching and abrasions and feature incredibly low porosity making it inherently stain resistant. Daily wear and tear are not a long term factor with Neolith and its natural composition lends to its UV resistance and high heat tolerance. Neolith resists harsh chemicals and cleaning agents such as bleach or ammonia but are not needed. For daily cleaning, just wipe away your mess with soap and warm water. Neolith is also NSF Certified safe for food contact giving you further peace of mind.